As I’ve already mentioned the Best Quality Bell & Ross BR 03-51 GMT Titanium Replica Watch is nothing short of a beast; 42mm of squared-off brutal titanium goodness. There is a decidedly industrial feel to this case, the expose screws and deep knurling of the crown make this case feel more like a highly engineered part of a high performance car. And that’s the point.

Bell & Ross BR 03-51 GMT Titanium

It’s deceptively light thanks to the titanium construction, and even though it’s a big piece of metal the square shape wears well, and the stubby lugs help the watch hug the wrist. However it’s not all beer and skittles, I had a few (albeit minor) gripes about the case. And it bugged me that the four front side case screws were not in alignment. Plus it’s an undeniably fun watch to have on your person.But, somewhat surprisingly the Bell & Ross BR 03-51 GMT Titanium Replica Watch  is really comfortable to wear. I’m open to the possibility that because this was a demo watch it wasn’t as perfect as a retail piece would be, and I’m open to the fact that I didn’t take my OCD meds on the day, but it still bugged me. Small things, but the devil is in the details, and on any high-end watch the details matter a lot. The crown lacked a little heft – I feel a watch this size could do with a crown that’s been bulked up by a few fractions of a millimeter, which would add impact without (I believe) creating an uncomfortably overlarge crown.

What caught my young eyes about this Bell & Ross BR 03-51 Replica Watch was just how different it was from the rest of the herd on the mid-noughties mainstream horological landscape. These days the big, square case and military aesthetic are more common, but Bell & Ross was truly a frontrunner in this space – and it is, I would argue a genuinely iconic design, and one very much of its time. It was big, bold and overtly masculine.

True story – one of the first luxury watches I remember noticing and becoming infatuated with, when I first became aware of high-end watches was Bell & Ross’ BR03. For me this is the most important watch collection the brand has. The BR03 and it’s sibling, the slightly more muscular BR01 are inspired by aerospace instrument panels, which is why these watches are Bell & Ross’ instrument range.

Which is why I’m pleased to be able to finally get my hands on one.Of course, Bell & Ross Replica Watch has moved on as a brand, developing further models and collections (with strong design ties to aviation), but the BR03 still endures and evolves, and holds a special place in my heart.