The cockpit of the Ju 52 is a IWC Big Pilot Steel Replica Watch   of functionality – like the pilot’s watches from IWC Schaffhausen which also came into being during this period. The Swiss manufacture introduced its “special watch for pilots” in 1936. It stands out with its black dial and offers optimal legibility day and night with its high-contrast luminous hands and large luminous figures; it has a rotating glass bezel with an inlaid arrow for timing short intervals of up to one hour and a shockproof balance and antimagnetic escapement.


The engineers at the Junkerswerke plant were in close dialogue with the artists of the Bauhaus, and company head Hugo Junkers eventually became fascinated by the creative world of the artistic avant-garde. Junkers and his engineers were even ahead of the Bauhaus in many respects. Junkers understood how to transform the creative world of clear, understated design into concrete technical products.The Ju 52 was built in Dessau, where the Bauhaus movement had also found a new home at the time. The outcome of this was that he invited Jungmeister Marcel Breuer into his factory to design the subsequently legendary tubular steel furniture, which was also used in modified form in the Junkers passenger aircraft. The Ju 52 is a perfect example of how form follows function just as much in the external design as in the interior fittings of the aircraft.

Optimal readability and high functionality characterise pilot’s watches from IWC Schaffhausen

The aircraft again caused a IWC Big Pilot Replica Watch  sensation five years later, when Lufthansa Director Carl August Freiherr von Gablenz landed in Peking in a Ju 52 on 24 August 1937 and in so doing opened up the air route to Asia. The high level of demand made the Ju 52 the first aircraft in the world to be manufactured in large-scale production.It is a legend of civil aviation. The Ju 52 came to the attention of the public for the first time in July 1932, about one year after its introduction, through its success in the face of the competition on circular flights over the Alps. The Junkers Ju 52 is regarded today as the aircraft that smoothed the way for safe air travel. Word got around about the quality, safety and reliability of this aircraft, so that aviation companies all over the world soon put the three-engined machine into service as a passenger and cargo plane.

The most famous IWC Replica watch, the Mark 11 with the hand-wound 89 calibre movement, was built from 1948 onwards for both civilian and military use.It was followed in 1940 by the Big Pilot’s Watch, built to military specifications with an original pocket watch movement and a large centre seconds – a certified observer’s and navigator’s watch for military pilots. The Mark 11 was for a long time the official service watch issued to pilots in the British Royal Air Force, although it was also worn by civilian pilots with BOAC (British Overseas Aircraft Corporation) and other airlines.