— This product of Cartier’s creative daring and Swiss replica watchmaking know-how is now available in 18-carat pink gold.

Today, Cartier has developed the Replica Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Double Mystery Tourbillon Watches  that appears to float free at the heart of the Rotonde de Cartier replica watches UK.Mystery clocks, with hands that appear to float free on the dial, have been part of the Cartier heritage for more than a century.

The watchmakers of the rotonde de cartier mysterious double tourbillon watch replica manufacture have employed a disc of sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective finish containing an aperture the size of the tourbillon to give the best possible illusion of a cage in a state of levitation. To do this, they set the disc to support the cage in rotation. By doing this and positioning the minute wheel, which propels the oscillator, on the axis designed to limit the “resistance torque” inherent in the mechanism supporting the tourbillon, they succeeded in transmitting its force to the tourbillon, and thus causing the entire device to revolve in space once every 5 minutes. This results in the tourbillon making one full turn of the open, transparent space in 5 minutes, while the cage performs 5 complete revolutions in the same time… The ingenious way of achieving such a result is to place a rack around the edge of this sapphire crystal disc, transforming it into a large gear wheel that performs one revolution every 5 minutes.

Montre Rotonde de Cartier Double Mystery Tourbillon dial side.

© Cartier

The sapphire case back of the Rotonde de Cartier also reveals a part of its movement, allowing Rolex replica watch lovers to admire the finish of its components and observe that the caliber 9454 MC, with a thickness of 5 mm, carries the Hallmark of Geneva.

The cartier replica watches Rotonde de Cartier Double Mystery Tourbillon comes in a 45 mm rose gold case. The replica watches UK is fitted with a brown alligator skin strap with a double adjustable folding buckle in 18-carat pink gold.

Montre Rotonde de Cartier Double Mystery Tourbillon back side.