Except that now we have state-of-the-art Best Quality IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch Replica For Sale technology. But it is not only the watches’ size so much as their unmistakable visual features that will make the hearts of watch connoisseurs race. From the dial design and colour of the luminescent numerals to the shape of the propeller-like hands, cone-shaped crown and historic leather straps, it is as if the Heritage watches were taking us on a journey back in time to the pioneering days of aviation.With a slightly smaller but still imposing case diameter of 48 millimetres, the Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 48, which is limited to just 1,000 pieces, is a practical alternative for everyday use.

For 75 years, the historic IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Replica (52-caliber T.S.C.) was the largest wristwatch ever made at IWC in Schaffhausen. In 2016, IWC Schaffhausen unveils its successor: with an amazing 55-millimetre case diameter, the IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 55 eclipses a record that was set back in 1940. Like its big brother, the Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 48 looks very much like the historic original, but makes a few more concessions to modern ideas of aesthetics and comfort.

The figure “9” – omitted in subsequent models of the Big Pilot’s Watch after 2006 – is back in its familiar position. And taking the place of the “12” is a triangular index with dots on either side, which make it possible to recognize the relative position of the hands and read the time even with a cursory glance in the dark.Then aa now, the hands are blued.

Today, the black dial and triangle are two features typical of a classic IWC Watch Replica. Back then, pulling out the crown stopped the balance, thus allowing pilots and navigators to synchronize their watches with down-to-the-second accuracy. However, there is one small, visible difference: the Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 55 does not feature a central seconds hand like the Big Pilot’s Watch (52-caliber T.S.C. – Tirette Seconde Centrale), produced in accordance with military specifications. Today, the small seconds is found at “6 o’clock”, and the IWC hand-wound 98300 caliber can be stopped by pulling out the crown. IWC’s designers chose to place it below “12 o’clock” instead of integrating it in the chapter ring is a further nod to the 1940 original.