Patek Philippe in Shanghai Bund on the 18th to set up China’s first store and service center, a symbol of Patek Philippe Replica Watches formally entered the Chinese market. This was the replica patek philippe perpetual calendar retrograde date  first store in Asia, it is also after Geneva and Paris, the world’s third stores. Patek Philippe presents “family watch company keep its value” theme Watch Fair in China. When nearly 300 meters and 67 excellent precious Patek Philippe museum’s collection, for the first time in front of the majority of watch lovers. Patek Philippe service center in Beijing store and opened the front door on the 23rd, and the first launch of Chinese limited edition commemorative watch Ref.5296, limited 28, each one engraved with a unique limited edition number and the words “BEIJING 2008”.

2005, Patek Philippe settled in Shanghai Bund, officially entered the Chinese market; in 2015, after 176 years of development as an independent Swiss family watch business, Patek Philippe important moment in China ushered in the tenth anniversary. During this brilliant decade journey, replica patek philippe perpetual calendar  pursued, unswervingly deliver value to China’s top ten timepiece enthusiasts. From Shanghai source Di and Beijing source Di two Patek Chinese home debut, the opening service centers and centers of excellence, Patek Philippe, a step in China reinforce the image, to every Chinese friend visiting convey Patek Philippe timepiece Art inherent aesthetic philosophy, better quality process, hospitality at home, as well as industry-renowned quality customer relationship maintenance and after-sales service.


September, Patek Philippe to celebrate the fifth anniversary celebration of China, and formally announced Shanghai source Di project start. China launched the first individually numbered commemorative watch Ref.5399, white and rose gold models each limited edition of 25. Patek Philippe Watches Shanghai store by the Bund on the 18th move to Shanghai Bund source, after nearly two years of design and decoration, “the source Patek Philippe Di (MaisonPatek Philippe)” attitude grand opening. Source Di its word “source” from the Shanghai new site location “Bund source”, is the starting point of the opening of Shanghai history, Han has “Start” meaning; and the new site is also replica patek philippe watch  the residence of the British Consulate General in Shanghai, the “Di” Word postponed intention to whichever noble symbol of honor. “Source Di” word, Yiyu Patek Philippe Geneva uphold its tradition and opening a new title page in China. Release Shanghai source Di commemorative watch, world time watch Ref.5130, with red “Shanghai” word mark East eight districts, platinum and rose gold limited edition 25.


While Shanghai service center relocated Yifeng Bund source, has nearly 1,000 square meters of independent space to accommodate customer reception, watch repair and maintenance and final testing, all equipment and the environment in accordance with the Geneva and set uniform standards. September, Patek Philippe centers of Cheap Replica Watches excellence in Shanghai officially opened, which is the Patek Philippe in Geneva watchmaking workshop outside of the first service teacher training institutions, aims to develop excellent local service division, confirmed the commitment to the brand for customer service and continued investment. May, Patek Philippe Di re-opened in Beijing source front door on the 23rd site, Beijing new upgrade customer service centers, and launched Calatrava series generals formula.


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