Its deep grey colour roger dubuis excalibur quatuor replica online adds to the exclusivity of this iconic watch. Silicon has a similar atomic structure to diamond and working with it requires just as much skilled expertise.Silicon has been chosen for its uniquely low weight and its incomparable hardness. In fact, it is half the weight of titanium, which is half the weight of steel, yet it is 4 times harder.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor

These two technical feats (patents applied for) have not been developed for their own sake but as part of watchmaking’s permanent pursuit of precision.Two major innovations to improve precision The roger dubuis excalibur quatuor replica, one of the highlights of SIHH 2013, is produced in a limited series. It represents innovation while respecting the great traditions of watchmaking. It captures the bravura and creativity of Roger Dubuis better than any other model. The precision of a movement is affected by the gravity of the Earth as the watch constantly changes position with the motion of the wrist. In addition to incorporating four sprung balances, it also features a completely original power-reserve indicator.

The Geneva watchmaker has re-read the key chapters of its own history and has seized this opportunity to write some more with the new Excalibur Quatuor, a hymn in praise of innovation and technical expertise, and a tribute to Fine Watchmaking. Excalibur also evokes the symbolism of the Round Table, the quest for the Holy Grail and the defence of a glorious kingdom where a man had the power to choose his destiny.It is a world of chivalry where duels are a display of strength, where combat has a certain nobility, and where a mastery of technique and precisely wielded power are essential. roger dubuis replica has captured the essence of this era in its new 2013 collection.