October 6, President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet announced the establishment of Replica Blancpain Marine White Dial watch – Des temperature Ted Ocean Park, a piece of an area of 297,518 square kilometers of sea area designated as a no-take marine protected areas comprehensive ban within the region fishing and other fishing activities. With the establishment of this marine park, marine protected areas in Chile of its proportion of the total marine area of from 4.4% to 12%, and the Americas so far become the largest marine protected areas.

In February 2013, Replica Blancpain Marine Watches hand in National Geographic “primitive marine tours” Team depth waters near Desventuradas Islands expedition expand the scope of the culvert Island. Expedition team consists of strong lineup of scientists and use cutting-edge technology, the first time this is considered to be one of the last remaining original waters of South America to expand exploration and research.
“The newly established NASCAR – Des temperature Ted Ocean Park in Chile gave the world a gift,” National Geographic explorer in the station and the “original plan Exploration of the Sea” project leader Ann gram Sarah expressed Road. “The area covered by the original marine environment no other marine ecosystems, including deep-sea mountains, which bears no new species of academia, a wide variety of Replica Watches Sale, as well as a small part of Chile previously thought to be extinct fur seals.”

Parts of the ocean protected areas relatively unaffected swiss replica watches human destruction. These primitive seas, such as the waters around the Desventuradas Islands, is the key to global marine ecosystems healthy development. We hope that more countries to join the ranks of creation of marine protected areas in the world, for the preservation and restoration of marine biological diversity and marine ecosystems together.

Blancpain is the first to support the “original plan Exploration of the Sea” Project Pioneer partners. Blancpain’s firm support to promote the continuous development of the “original plan Exploration of the Sea” project, so that it ranks among the world’s major marine conservation action. This project, funded by the National Geographic explorer in the station, Dr. Ann gram Sarah led the few on Earth to explore the unspoilt natural rare original waters. They will study and continuous recording these waters, as to help the public and government awareness of the value and uniqueness of these ecosystems, contributed to the government to protect one of its inclusion initiatives.

In support of Blancpain Replica Watches, the “original plan Exploration of the Sea” project has helped to protect part of the waters of the United States, Britain, Chile, Gabon, Kiribati and Costa Rica, with a total area of over 2,500,000 square kilometers (about the equivalent of sixty Swiss land area ,), including the world’s largest offshore sanctuaries newly established UK. These protected areas to understand the real impact of human activities on marine life, effectiveness assessment of marine management and protection measures provided important benchmarks, and in improving the state of the oceans for the benefit of the future generations has taken an important step.