The iwc portugaise répétition minutes replica watch large space was created by milling out sections of the plate in order to connect all the air-filled internal spaces with each other. In addition, an upper section of the case acted as a membrane and improved the system’s resonance. The patented repeating mechanism comprises some 250 individual parts working together as if in a mechanical orchestra. The design’s central elements are two steel gongs, which are struck by the two hammers when the repeating slide is pushed down.

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IWC’s design engineers were now able to turn their attention to the register and the difference in pitch between the two gongs.In the late 1980s, it took IWC 50,000 hours to develop the highly complex minute repeater strike train for the Grande Complication and the Portuguese vibrations, and that it was the job of the case to act as a soundbox, to amplify the vibrations, and then to transmit them to the outside.
The iwc portuguese replica watch is equipped with the 98950-calibre hunter pocket watch movement, which goes back to the 1930s and which has since then been further developed, improved and modernized. The see-through sapphire-glass back provides an open view of the stylistic elements of the early F. A. Jones calibres, such as the elongated index, which facilitates the fine adjustment of the effective length of the balance spring. The nickel-silver plate and three-quarter bridge are decorated with circular graining and Geneva stripes, respectively.

The minute repeater chimes out each full hour that has elapsed since noon or midnight with a single strike on the deeper-pitched gong (the tone is B flat), every quarter since the last full hour with a double strike-one on each gong – and every minute that has passed since the last quarter with one strike on the higher-pitched of the gongs. An all-or-nothing piece ensures that the chimes are only struck if the repeating slide is pushed down fully.
Two notes create an interval and hence a musical motif. The gongs are tuned using a file and grinding stone: their length and the difference in length between them is decisive. So, iwc replica watch how would the future cycle of hours, quarters and minutes sound’ Something like the opening bars of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, with its muted fifths’ Or perhaps more like the opening to Wagner’s Tannhäuser with its rising fourths’ After attending two concerts, the watchmaker entrusted with the job made his choice, and Tannhäuser emerged victorious and determined the interval. Perhaps it was these words from Tannhäuser that sealed his decision: “In a dream it was as if I heard, the joyous peal of bells!” In any case, the results of his efforts have remained music to the ear to this day.