And as complicated as iwc portuguese grande complication replica may be, the secret of its success is quite simple: it is among the best mechanical timepieces in the world.Most of the people who will experience this particular event have yet to be born. The moon phase display, too, is extraordinarily accurate and will be just 1 day out of sync after 122 years.


In the Portuguese Grande Complication, time is more than simply a quantity to be measured: time is also rhythm, as expressed by the return of the leap years, the waxing and waning of the moon or the melodious tones of the minute repeater. The Portuguese Grande Complication transforms the abstract notion of time into a sensory experience.

Between 1983 and 1985, master watchmaker Kurt Klaus designed and built the perpetual calendar for IWC Schaff-
hausen.­ Many­ of­ its­ technical­ specifications­ have­ remained­ unsurpassed to this day. In the Portuguese’s anniversary year, the Grande Complication­ has­ under gone­ several­ conservative­ design­ modifications which further enhance the value of the model. The silver-plated dial, for instance, no longer features an engraving of the globe showing the lines of latitude and longitude.

The fact alone that the iwc grande complication perpetual watch replica is mechanically programmed until 2499 and masters the vagaries of the Gregorian calendar is awe-inspiring.
During this time, the calendar will require correction on just three occasions (in 2100, 2200 and 2300), when the leap
day that would normally occur is omitted. What is more, the­ perpetual­ calendar­ has­ its­ own­ program­ to­ fulfil,­ and­ unlike the time display, does not need to be driven continuously. Instead of this, it is given a mechanical impulse that advances it between 8 p.m. and 1 portuguese grande complication
During the calendar’s most iwc grande complication replica active phase, these are joined by the month, year, decade and century. In 100 years, the
century­ slide,­ which­ shows­ the­ first­ two­ of­ the­ four­ digits­ that comprise the year, moves up once, by 1.2 millimetres.
This will happen next in 2100. This tiny movement­ in­ the­ date­ advance­ lever­ is­ ultimately­ sufficient­ to­ set­ all the other calendar functions in motion, but at least, on any given day, the date, day of the week and moon phase.