Seems far-fetched Steel case sinn t2 driver replica watch, doesn’t it? Well, take a closer look and you’ll see that both watches share titanium construction, a scalloped/ashtray styled bezel that must be pushed down while turning, and a crown at 4:00 to aid wrist comfort. But the Sinn T2 shows how certain design traits can be carried forward without aping a predecessor to the point of plagiarism. The same design overall? No.

In 2013, I attended my first Baselworld with my wife-to-be as a public spectator and the watch that stole my heart that year was, surprisingly, the newly introduced Sinn T2. As one who had been living in Germany on and off for a little over a year at that time, I developed a strong regard for the brand from Frankfurt am Main. Today, if for no other reason than to shed some light on a rarely discussed model from the brand, we’ll take a look at the T2 roughly three years after I first received it. Plucky, full of innovation and generally quite cost aware; sinn t2 driver replica watch  is a popular brand amongst enthusiasts who are looking for something unique and extremely functional.

The watch is expensive. Equipped like you see here, it retails for 2,645 Euros in Germany (this is up moderately from the initial list price of 2,440 in 2013). It also comes in at 41mm in diameter, a size that should be reasonable for 99% of humanity, but some deem that as small today. Instead, they can opt for the similar, but far less stylistically composed in my opinion, 45mm T1. Finally, there’s the elephant in the room created by none other than Sinn itself known as the U1. The U1 is the diving legend that put the brand on the map and, making life difficult for the T2, sizes at 44mm and prices at almost 1,000 Euros less (1,730 Euros on bracelet to be exact). But let’s give the T2 its due because there’s a bit more going on here than one might imagine.I mentioned that the Sinn T2 doesn’t get a ton of press and there are probably several reasons for that.

The sinn replica watch , however, does neither, but it is a theoretical extension of a once proud lineup of watches from another brand: IWC. It seemed to go unnoticed by most, but it was said during its time of release that the T2/T1 series was meant to be a spiritual follower of both the iconic Porsche Design/IWC Ocean 2000. If you’re familiar with this watch, it’s a legend – especially the Ocean 2000 –and the owner of Sinn, Lothar Schmidt, also oversaw its design and production.Some companies reissue watches and others blatantly copy their competition.