On the day Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe went to the site and said: “very pleased today to be able to come to China to witness so many moments of glory, and Cheap Hublot Replica Watches we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the establishment of WWF China, Hublot will share Regarded as the foundation of corporate social responsibility by helping to share more social institutions, philanthropic organizations and the Environmental Protection Foundation, it is intended to allow the harmonious development of society, toward a better future. also thank the many guests and Hublot Watches UK celebrate Hublot Big Bang the 10th anniversary of the birth of IFS International Financial Center and Chengdu store opening costumes, Hublot will continue to uphold the ‘fusion of art’ the way forward, to bring more extraordinary works for many consumers. ”

October 16, 2015, the famous Swiss Replica Watch brand Hublot grand opening in Chengdu, China Chengdu Hublot IFS International Financial Center stores, and also reviewed the most classic Hublot Replica Watches  series was held Hublot Big Bang ten years of development. Hublot virtue of “fusion art” it has been fulfilled in many areas, this time to join with WWF organizations to participate in projects to protect the giant panda, giant panda released the same day limit for the inspiration to create a unique a. Big Bang pandas special watch, as a tribute to WWF entered China 35 weeks.


Then Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot and Mr. Chris Hayes with WWF International Affairs Director at Headquarters announced release to the giant panda as inspiration to create a unique Big Bang pandas special section watch, this limited edition gold watch 35 on sale. Then grateful guests to cut the ribbon to mark the Hublot Chengdu IFS International Financial Center store opening costumes, Hublot will continue to uphold the former ‘fusion of art’ all the way, to bring more extraordinary for many consumers It works.

At the same time an international financial center in Chengdu IFS ‘Hublot Big Bang 10 anniversary exhibition history accompanied Heart Panda panda Public Art Exhibition “is also performed. Heart Panda panda painted as the world’s largest public art institutions with the Hublot Hublot teamed up once again demonstrated the “Art of Fusion” is a perfect combination of the traditional manufacturing process of modern art. In the exhibition area, there are also different shapes of cute panda Hublot Big Bang series of 10th anniversary of the development process started slowly in exciting ways: classic watches, innovative materials, production process …… one by one presented to the public eye.

Summary: Hublot Replica Chengdu IFS will inevitably store best replica watches opening service and excellent quality products into Chengdu, infected more consumers, the brand into a new vitality in the development of southwest China. Continue to uphold the ‘fusion of art’ the way forward, to bring more extraordinary works for many consumers.